The Journey - Vampires and Rabbit Holes included.

Tuesday Apr 16th, 2019


    I had an interesting conversation with a follower yesterday about a post. It wasn’t bad at all, it actually ignited a train of thought because they were great comments and questions and I'm all about open dialogue that makes me stop and think. ⠀ ⠀ We got talking about my feed and her feed and exchanged compliments.  Somehow the conversation shifted to how Instagram can be a vampire that sucks the life out of you, sucking you down a rabbit hole filled... [read more]

Social Media - Friend or Foe?

Monday Apr 15th, 2019


Alright, it’s about to get real. When I decided to focus on social media this year I had a few goals. Mainly, to showcase my personality through quality posts so that my marketing would also shine through. People would get to know me and feel a connection, making it easier for them to pick up the phone.   ⠀ ⠀ Never did I expect it to turn into what it is. Or affect me the way that it has. ⠀ ⠀ I used to focus on the negative parts of social media and what can happen... [read more]

Whitby Shores Easter egg Hunt

Monday Apr 1st, 2019


  Happy Monday! For those looking for information on my annual Whitby Shores Easter egg hunt, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, it won't be happening this year. It will definitely be back next year!   For now, I am working on a small project (it's small but it's something.). Please like or follow my facebook and Instagram pages for details. They're coming soon! https://www.instagram.com/hollymac_re/.    ... [read more]


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